The Fun Family Activity cards are designed with some background information including the history and purpose of the cards, overarching research on how children develop, and information on how children learn through play.

There is a “Before You Begin” card which should be written on as families and caregivers play and learn with their child. This card is a fun way to record your child’s experiences and look back upon as they get older.

The cards are organized around the nine broad areas of learning. These include:

The emphasis in this domain is on physical health and motor development as an integral part of children’s overall well-being.

Social and emotional development encompasses young children’s evolving capacity to form close and positive adult and peer relationships

The development of children’s early language skills is critically important for their future academic success.

Development in the domain of literacy serves as a foundation for reading and writing acquisition.

Development in the domain of cognition involves the processes by which young children grow and change in their abilities to pay attention to and think about the world around them.

Mathematics contributes to children’s ability to make sense of the world and to solve problems they encounter in their everyday lives.

From the moment they are born, children share many of the characteristics of young scientists. They are curious and persistent explorers who use their senses to investigate, observe, and make sense of the world around them.

The field of social studies is interdisciplinary, and intertwines concepts relating to government, civics, economics, history, sociology, and geography. Through social studies, children can explore and develop an understanding of their place within and relationship to family, community, environment, and the world.

The arts provide children with a vehicle and organizing framework to express ideas and feelings.

Each of the nine areas of learning has a landing page which includes information about the specific skills and knowledge children learn in this area as well as recommended books for children birth through five. We worked with local librarians to ensure that all books were available at Rhode Island libraries throughout the state. Copies of high quality books in English and Spanish can be found within these sections.

After this landing page are the actual activities. The activities are organized with ideas for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers. Each activities page has a Tips section for things to have prepared, messages about safety and unique things to look out for. There is also a section for Reflections. The cards have been designed so that you can record your reflections related to each activity on the back of each card.

In the back of the cards there are blank copies for families and caregivers to develop their own activities. Lastly, the back includes a Resources for Families section which includes contact information for the state departments offering services and supports for young children.

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