Children are born ready to learn and the growth and learning that happens during the first 5 years of life is very important for future school readiness. Providing many different opportunities for children to play allows young children to grow, explore, and develop important knowledge and skills.

Parents and family members play a key role in supporting their child’s learning and development and are a child’s first and primary teacher. As a result, the Fun Family Activity Cards have utilized our understanding of current child development research to provide fun, and easy activities which can be done using items almost all families have in their homes. The Fun Family Activity Cards have been developed utilizing our knowledge of the following research:
  • Children grow and develop most quickly during the first 5 years of life. During this time, their experiences and relationships prepare them for future learning.
  • All children are special in their own ways. All children differ in their abilities and usually develop at different rates.
  • Children need positive interactions with family members and friends to develop self-confidence, a sense of security, and a love of learning.
  • Children grow and develop in predictable stages.
  • When a language other than English is spoken in the home, it is important for children to develop language skills in their home language. Having a strong foundation in their home language helps children more easily learn a new language.
  • Children love to learn and they learn best through play.
  • Each child has a unique personality. When learning new things, some children may need extra time and supports. Other children like to try things on their own.
  • Children with special needs grow and develop in their own ways. When learning new things, these children may require adaptations to activities.
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