Component 1: Health and Safety Practices

Learning Goal 1.a: Children engage in structured and unstructured physical activity.

By 9 months, most children:

  • Sustain physical activity for at least three to five minutes at a time
  • Participate in simple movement games with an adult (e.g., following a moving object or person with their eyes or body)

By 18 months, most children:

  • Participate in active physical play with an adult
  • Watch and often run when they see older children running
  • Attempt to try new games and toys
  • Stand with feet wide apart and sway to the sound of music

By 24 months, most children:

  • Wield larger toys with some accuracy (e.g., pounding on a pegboard and pegs or on a pounding board
  • Back into a chair to sit down
  • Squat while playing
  • Carry a large toy while walking or playing
  • Run after older children who are running

By 36 months, most children:

  • Sustain physical activity for at least 15 minutes at a time for at least 30 minutes total each day
  • Participate in outdoor play
  • Try new games and toys without assistance
  • Actively participate in games and dances

By 48 months, most children:

  • Carry bags or objects over short distances
  • Practice kicking, throwing, and running 

By 60 months, most children:

  • Increase their amount of play and activity, using more muscles and for longer periods of time (i.e., at least 60 minutes total each day)